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A Home For Every Heart


A home for every heart is a program developed to give animals in need of medical care and diagnostics a chance at life. This is not a rescue program, but rather an alternative to help get these pets the medical answers needed to try to give them a quality of life for as long as possible.  Medical conditions in these pets can range from eye issues, hernias, skin abnormalities, deafness, blindness, heart issues and lameness, to birth abnormalities that require more care. 


Through this program, we are able to donate our time and resources to help diagnose and ultimately treat animals that need more veterinary care than their owners can provide.  Of course, we try our absolute hardest to keep pets in their current owners hands. Unfortunately this is not always possible. Wether the care be too much for the owner to care for, or the cost of the needed medical solutions be too high, we help owners escape the heartbreaking decision of euthanasia by surrendering their pet to our care.  Surrender is the absolutely last resort at Heart of Gold.  We try our hardest to help the current owner with donated funds, good Sam medications from pets that have passed and no longer need them, discounts, and services, as much as possible, before animal surrender.  Again, this is not a rescue, but a chance for us to diagnose and treat patients that need extensive medical care and would be in the face of euthanasia if not surrendered. 


Once the pet has been released to the care of this program, there is no link to the previous owner and the pet is placed into a warm and comforting volunteer foster situation.  We perform the necessary diagnostics and treatments needed to get the pet stable.  The practice donates a bag of food and necessary medications until the pet can be deemed healthy enough for adoption.  All pets are sent with a collar and several donated toys to their new home once able to be adopted. All pets are spayed and neutered, fully vaccinated, and in a stable medical state before official adoption can occur. These pets are not to be bred, and if released before age to be sterilized, we request politely that they be sterilized as soon as they reach the proper age. 


If you are interested in donating to this program, please consider any of the following:

   - unused and clean leashes and collars

   - new and clean toys for all species

   - Clean, soft blankets

   - clean used kennels, crates, or pens

   - new, or lightly used dog beds

   - clean comforters


If you are interested in being a foster for any species, please email for more information on how to help. 


We are at times considered “at capacity” and are unable to take on new pets. In these situations we try to find a local organization  to help when possible.  


This program is currently in process of becoming a 501c3.  Please keep an eye on this page and our Facebook for updates!


Some of the past Hearts that received loving forever homes:













Bernadette- 2020 Severe Lyme disease Nigerian Dwarf Goat
































Bella - 2021 Head Trauma Shiba Inu 























Benny - 2021 Torn ACL Standard Poodle



























Mollie - 2021 Deaf Dalmatian



























Hope - 2021 umbilical hernia Bernese/Husky





























Munchkin - 2021 Vaginal Defect Bulldog/Boxer

























Reggie-2021 Boston Terrier Four limb deformity 






















Scooter- 2021 Dachshund pelvic limb deformity  
























And so many more!

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