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Dr Jessica Gulvin DVM cVMA cTRI BA

Dr. Gulvin was 2 years old when she dedicated her life to becoming a veterinarian.  "I remember taking my kitten, Tatertot, to the vet with my parents and I wanted to do exactly what he did.  He saved animals. He treated them when they had a booboo.  And, he cried with us when he could not save my parents' golden retriever, Missy.  I knew then, that was exactly what I wanted to do.”




Throughout school, Dr. Gulvin was active in 4-H, took several leadership roles, was a member in FFA, and showed miniature horses.  She joined 4-H when she was very young and continued to be a member until she graduated college in 2015.  Dr. Gulvin took advantage of all the pre-veterinary programs offered through Cornell University, and raised several species of animals while she studied them with her 4-H club.  Some of the species she raised include: goats, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, and cows.  

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Outside of school, Dr. Gulvin could be seen taking her miniature horse, Chloe, into nursing homes to “reach out to touch the hearts of others with miniature horses. ”  Dr. Gulvin named her farm “Heart O Gold Equines” and this is where Heart of Gold began.  To hear more behind our name, please visit the “Where it all began” page.

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Chloe became a popular figure in the community.  Dr. Gulvin showed her extensively through the NYS Pinto Horse Association.  Throughout her years showing, Chloe and Dr. Gulvin were named the New York State Champions for 5 years in a row, and the National Champion for one year.  Dr. Gulvin notes: “This horse has taught me more about life, love, and perseverance.  Without her, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”


Dr. Gulvin is a graduate of Marcus Whitman High school in 2012.  She graduated top 3 in her class, was a member of the National Honor Society, and was a member of the Marcus Whitman Field and Marching bands.  Dr. Gulvin played the clarinet. She was the first Marcus Whitman graduate to receive the prestigious FFA American Degree, the highest award you can receive in FFA. Visit the following link to read more!

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After high school, Dr. Gulvin studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Wells College located in Aurora, NY.  She earned the CRC Freshman Chemistry award her freshman year of college, took Cornell classes, and graduated in three years with a four year degree. In her spare time, she traveled to multiple states to joust in full metal armor on a Belgian horse named Apollo.  


In undergrad, she was known by her classmates as “the country girl who ended up at a liberal arts college.”  Dr. Gulvin brought her miniature horse to multiple events on campus and founded the second collegiate 4-H club in New York State which had 72 members for its first 2 years.  Dr Gulvin entered the “Be Your Own Boss” business idea competition.  With the help of a few friends, Dr. Gulvin won the Social Impact section of the business competition with her business idea “Heart O Gold Equines.” The winning funds were used to purchase T-Shirts with Chloe as the logo, and help pay for gas to take miniature horses to local nursing homes. 

  • Link to business competition - 

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Between her second and third year of college, Dr. Gulvin started volunteering at a therapeutic riding stable in Moravia, NY.  She completed a summer internship with the stable where she learned how to teach disabled children and adults how to ride horses.  Dr. Gulvin completed her Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification through PATH international in 2015.  

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Immediately after graduation from Wells college in 2015, Dr. Gulvin was accepted to The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  Over the summer, Dr. Gulvin worked in the mastitis lab at a local bovine veterinary clinic.  During the first three years of veterinary school, Dr. Gulvin worked in the anatomy laboratory where she assisted with embalming horses for dissection, preparing other specimens for class, and created a model of the equine forelimb.  She received her veterinary business certification through VBMA and was an active member of the student chapter of the AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners).   Dr. Gulvin volunteered at a positive reinforcement canine training facility where she helped teach puppy classes.  She became involved with scent training of her dog, Shiner, and he quickly became Trick Dog Certified and excelled in competition for scent searches on vehicles, rooms, objects, and boxes.

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While in college, Dr. Gulvin’s loving father took care of her horses.  During her third year of Veterinary School, there was a sick horse in her barn and her parents had a hard time getting a veterinarian to assist with a serious colic.  Dr. Gulvin started her quest to fill the void in veterinary care in this area by opening her own clinic.  Thus, Heart of Gold Veterinary Care, PLLC was created.  

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Today, Dr. Gulvin can be found spending time with her family, horses, dogs, cats, and goats.  She loves doting on her horses, Birdie and Malou and collecting animals that need a loving home.  Below are some of her kids, of which, Mollie and Shiner take turns riding in the Vet Truck to calls. 

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Liberte LSF

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Chloe, PeterPan, Eeyore, Stitch, Hans, Ellie Mae, and Bernadette

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Teddy Bear

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Trixie and Tango

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