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                             Once upon a time…..


Chloe was a 1 year old black and white miniature horse who was gifted to Dr Gulvin by her parents when she was 11 years old.  Heart Of Gold started when Dr Gulvin was asked to join a high school play with Chloe in 2008.  Chloe pulled a chariot around the stage and Dr Gulvin walked her dressed as a clown.  Chloe stood as people danced around her, noises went off, and lights were flashing from the audience.  Since the floor was hard, Chloe would at times slip.  Rick, Dr Gulvin’s father, found sneakers designed for mini horses and Chloe wore them for the rest of the play.  
















Chloe was so well behaved, loved being with people, and had shoes so she wouldn’t slip.  She was, for the most part, potty trained.  During the play her favorite place to poop was right in the center of the gym on the Midlakes Eagle (Even more hilarious as Dr Gulvin was a Marcus Whitman student).  Dr Gulvin has always been an advocate for her community.  She wanted to find a way to bring smiles to people who hadn’t smiled in days.  This is when she came up with the idea of bringing Chloe into nursing homes.  She specifically wanted to “brighten the day of others through the use of miniature horses.”  This is when Heart O’ Gold Equines was developed.  































































“Heart O’ Gold Equines is a small farm focused on mini horse therapy and strives to touch the hearts of others and make someone smile who hasn’t in days.”  The small farm based out of the Finger Lakes Region of New York is centered in giving back to the community and focused on providing educational and therapy service to all ages. Heart O’ Gold Equines offers the ability to make someone smile who hasn’t in days through the healing power of miniature horse therapy. Miniature horses are brought to both public and private events. For indoor events to be possible the horses wear sneakers and a horse diaper. Horses are elevator trained, and safe for room to room visits. 10-20 minute presentations about the miniature horse or other similar speeches are offered upon request.


















































Dr Gulvin would travel to nursing homes, colleges, summer camps, daycares, public programs and even performed a keynote speech at Cornell University to a crowd of over 400 people with Chloe. 



























































As Dr Gulvin went to veterinary school, she knew she wanted to continue to provide services to her community.  Since she was learning about the anatomy of our pets, she started using Chloe to teach 4-H teens the basics of horse anatomy. 



























































Dr Gulvin was born and raised in the Finger Lakes region of NY. She knew after graduation from veterinary school that she wanted to return to her hometown. While away at college, her loving parents cared for her horses. During her first year of vet school, spring 2016, one of the horses in her barn coliced and it was a challenge to get a veterinarian to come.  This is when Dr Gulvin decided to take business classes and gear up for starting her own practice. 


Although over the years Dr Gulvin has changed her services, she has always had the community’s benefit in interest.  Starting as a miniature horse therapy program, the name finally transpired into Heart of Gold Veterinary Care PLLC 











































The clinic is constantly growing to meet the needs of the community.  We are excited to bring even more changes throughout the next few years so we can meet the needs in the area even more. 

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