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Chrystal Mason  LVT

I’ve always been the happiest when around animals.  It is that fundamental truth that has brought me to Heart of Gold Veterinary Care.  The road leading me back to the veterinary field has been long and winding, but in all honesty, what well lived life hasn’t thrown a few curves along the way?  I started in veterinary medicine directly after graduation as a licensed vet tech in a busy four DVM general practice that also saw and treated their own emergencies.  Life was exciting.  I never knew what patient would be next.  From companion animals, to exotics, to wildlife, to small farm animals. Every day brought new challenges and constant surprises, including the opportunity to join the local volunteer ambulance corps and provide medical care to not only the beloved animals, but their parents too!  I had become addicted to expanding my knowledge and skill set to provide the best medical care possible to all my patients both two- and four-legged.  This led me to leave veterinary general practice after several years and move on to working in an extremely busy multi-disciplinary Emergency/Specialty practice and I continued working on an ambulance.  Life continued to throw curves in my path and after several years I found myself working solely in EMS.  I’ve been a practicing Paramedic for many years and I do enjoy my work there.  I continue to never know what type of call the next patient will be, but frankly, working only with humans gets to be a bit much after a while.  Most humans do not have that calming effect that four legs and fur tend to have and most bosses frown upon being told that you’re calling in sick to stay home and hug your fur babies.


An out of the blue phone call from a friend asking if I would be willing to foster a sick kitten because the owners were unable to continue her care was only the start of my relationship with Heart of Gold Veterinary Care.  An opportunity opened and you will now see me here on a part-time basis as I am still a full-time practicing Paramedic, however I now have an amazing home to practice my veterinary skills again!  My previous coworkers will tell you I’m known as a kitty whisperer and amazing working with big dogs.  I will tell you that I am an avid lover of all animals (or why would I hold a miniature goat for an hour long car ride in my lap?), but I guess I do have to admit that I’m a cat person at heart.  I’m extremely excited to bring a multitude of experience and a passion for client education, as we work to provide a positive experience for clients and their pets while also providing excellent patient focused care.  We all strongly feel that communication is key to educating owners and empowering them to work with their veterinary team in providing the best life possible for our four-legged companions.  I’m also very excited to be a part of a growing practice and can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us all!

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